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The Adelphi Cinema was a 4-screen film theater located on Dublin’s Abbey Street. The theater was founded in 1939 and operated until 1995.


A source of many fond memories for many of Ireland’s film enthusiasts, the site is unrecognizable today and now serves as a loading bay for one of the city’s many chain stores.


I decided to honor the legacy of the Adelphi Cinema by giving the same name to this gallery. While I’m not affiliated with the Adelphi Cinema in any way, I hope to evoke the same fond memories in those who visit this gallery.

I am a Dublin-based collector of film memorabilia, original posters and lobby card sets. I have been amassing this collection for over 25 years now – Adelphi Posters’ archives currently contain thousands of original posters, spanning every possible genre.

Please note that the Adelphi Posters archives are strictly for informational purposes only and absolutely no sales will be negotiated. 

Welcome to Adelphi Posters. Thank you for your interest and please enjoy your visit.

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